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Peridot Equity, LLC seeks to acquire or make majority control investments in private companies based anywhere in the United States or Canada. This acquisition is generally meant for individuals who are seeking to transition out of their business for personal reasons, to start a new venture, for retirement, or to otherwise significantly reduce work hours. Our intent is to extend and expand the legacy of the business and not to absorb it into a larger private equity portfolio.

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Peridot Equity was formed with the purpose of buying and operating mid-sized companies in a way that carries on the legacies of their founders.
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Our relationships are the foundation for our success, and we’re always looking to build new ones. Selling your business to the right buyer should never be a challenge. If you have a business that you are considering exiting or simply would like to learn more about what we do, we would love to chat with you!

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We don’t just look at the numbers. We also look at making a difference in our employees, communities and stakeholders around us

We are in the process of rebranding. Along with announcing our new brand identity, we have launched our new website featuring a modern design.