Investment Focus

Our Approach
We do not believe in 'one size fits all' approach

Our mission is to acquire or make majority control investments in businesses and manage them for the long-term, building on the foundation laid by the previous owner.

We are not a private equity firm with the goal of cutting costs, adding restrictive levels of debt, and flipping the business. And, we are not a strategic buyer with the goal of breaking up the company and absorbing parts of it into a larger corporation. We are entrepreneurs committed entirely to building one business as our sole focus.

Below you will find a list of some of the industries we generally prefer but are not limited to.

  • Information Technology and Data Services
  • Mature Software and Technology
  • Education
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Healthcare Tech or Services
  • Consumer Services
  • Logistics and Supply Chain
Our Focus
We understand no business is perfect

We look for businesses that are profitable, with a track record of growth, predictable cash flows, and have identifiable growth opportunities.

We are the right path for an owner who wishes to gain liquidity and take a step back from day-to-day management—but who cares about the future of their business and employees after they sell.

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What we typically look for
Our investment criteria

The attributes listed below are just guidelines. The absence or abundance of the qualities below or another not listed DOES NOT expressly preclude a business from consideration.


Employees are your biggest asset. Be nicer to them than your customers. And respect your customers more than your competitors


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