Our Advantage

Our Advantage
We are a different kind of partner
AttributePeridotTraditional Private EquityStrategic AcquirerIndividual Investor
GoalsValue creation through sustainable growth and continuation of your legacyMaximize investment returns through financial engineeringCut costs and achieve synergiesLifestyle investor
CommitmentSole investment with 100% of our effort, attention and resourcesOne of many portfolio companies acting as a diversification vehicleJust one of many business units in a companyVaries
Time HorizonDedicated to long-term success of your companyShort-term (typically 3-5 years)VariesUncertain
Source of CapitalDiverse group of entrepreneurs, investors and operating executivesInstitutional or passive sources that may never be known to youPublic or private company assets; heavily scrutinized dealsLimited assets and resources
Deal TermsFlexible based on needsComplexStructured to protect purchasing companyDriven by banks and lenders
EmployeesCritical to achieving long-term goalsUsually dependent on institutional strategyOften eliminated if roles are redundantUncertain
Owner TransitionSmooth and comfortable transition periodOften 2-3 years with increased scrutinyOften 2-3 years with required reporting to executivesUnpredictable and often discouraged
Post-Close Day JobPartnering with your employees and customers to create valueAdding companies to portfolio and positioning investments for exitsManaging broader parent companyUncertain

We are in the process of rebranding. Along with announcing our new brand identity, we have launched our new website featuring a modern design.